Booby Trap: The Meaning Is Not The Same As It Says

A booby trap is a tool that is designed to harm or surprise a victim. The trap attracts the victim to come towards it like bait. Usually the victim will be the one who unknowingly activates the device through performing a normal action, but this is not always the case.

The booby trap is based on a cause and effect relationship. A good example is a man driving his car on a road. If someone sets up a booby trap made from metal spikes on the road, when the car’s tires drive over the booby trap they pop and cause the man to crash.

Some other examples include someone opening a door that causes a bucket full of water to fall on him/her, or switching a light on that gives him/her an electric shock.

Don’t get confused! Booby traps are not for attracting women!! This word may sound weird, but it is commonly used by many people. In fact, news reporters use this word all the time when they are reporting the news about explosives that are found in someone’s apartment or car.

To give you a better idea of what booby traps are like, here is a video clip from my favorite movie, Home Alone. I hope it helps!

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